What to do for constipation when
you travel? Ask a doctor whose
patients travel.

I’ve been a gastroenterologist in private practice in Connecticut for 20 years. One question my patients often ask is “What can I do about getting constipated when I travel?” I make the usual suggestions: Increase your fiber intake. Drink lots of fluids.
Try to stay on schedule.

If a patient feels constipated after several days of vacation, I’ll even suggest using a laxative. But that can be risky since diarrhea’s no fun on vacation, either.

Then my wife (also a physician) and I had an idea: If a solution tailored for preventing traveler’s constipation didn’t exist, why not create one?

Good, practical experience.
Good, careful research. Good To Go.

We set out to develop a unique, simple regimen of gentle laxatives and fiber. We wanted it to be all natural. We wanted it to be gentle. And we wanted it to work.

So with years of experience treating constipation, combined with our extensive research into natural laxatives, we created Good To Go.

Now instead of “Doctor, what can I do?” I hear “Ed, I’ve known you 20 years. Why didn’t you come up with this sooner?”

Safe and smooth travel! Enjoy your trip. Now with one less hassle.

—Ed and Wendy Levine

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